Dr. Cheryl Rhoads, PsyD, MFT 21788 Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and other seekers of...
what to expect

Most often people consider entering psychotherapy because they are suffering in some way. Their suffering may be related to a current crisis or trauma in their personal or professional lives or may be the result of long-standing patterns of thinking, feeling or behaving, perhaps connected to unexplored aspects of their family dynamics, which have for a long time sabotaged the creation of a happy and rewarding life.

My therapeutic orientation is an eclectic blend of psychodynamic, object relations, and humanistic psychology. I draw from a range of therapeutic interventions such as traditional talk therapy, exploration and processing of family history as it relates to current difficulties, relaxation techniques, art therapy, education, dream analysis, assertiveness training, and cognitive behavioral techniques.

Areas of expertise include working with depression, anxiety and panic, couples therapy, group therapy, adults abused as children, grief and loss, relationship problems, trauma, life transitions, self-esteem issues, assertiveness training, stress reduction, and personal growth.